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M2 High Speed Steel

    Foremost Alloy Steel Co. founded in the year 1982, re-established in the year 2016, is the leading M2 High Speed Steel  Manufacturer in Mumbai.  M2 High-Speed Steel is a part of tool steels, to a great extent utilized as cutting device material. It is generally utilized in power-saw blades and drill bits. M2 high speed steel is superior to the older high carbon steels. It can withstand high temperatures without losing its hardness. This feature allows M2 high speed steel to cut faster than any other high carbon steel.

    M2 high speed steel grades at room temperature, possess high hardness and abrasion resistant compared with common carbon and tool steel. It has little and equally conveyed carbides giving high wear opposition, however, its decarburization sensitivity is a little bit high. After heat treatment its hardness is the same as T1, however, its bending quality can achieve 4700 MPa, and its sturdiness thermo-plasticity is higher than T1 by 50%.

    As we are one of the leading M2 High Speed Steel  Manufacturer in Mumbai, we offer high speed steel with High working hardness, high wear resistance, excellent toughness, compressive strength, high retention of hardness and red hardness, strength to prevent breakage on the cutting edge. These are some of the major features of M2 high speed steel.

    We have the team of experienced professionals who keep an eye on every step while manufacturing M2 High Speed Steel. Since we are known in the market as prominent M2 High Speed Steel  Manufacturer in Mumbai, our products once manufactured goes through various test and quality checks to make sure every product is defect free and good to go to our customers end. This way of planned work helps us to deliver A1 product as per their requirement.

    We give no chance of complaints to our clients. In case, of any complaint, we handle it very carefully and try to resolve it without giving much stress to our valuable clients. The customer is our foremost concern and we provide 100% satisfaction to them. Hence, we are known as the leading  M2 High Speed Steel  Manufacturer in Mumbai and we are proud to announce it.

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