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BQ and Wear Resistant Plates

Product Overview

Boiler quality plate is a subfamily of steel alloys designated for the manufacture of pressure vessels and pipelines. There is an extensive range of specifications and grades suitable for use in both on- and offshore facilities. Natural gas extraction. Petroleum refining. Chemical containment. Cryogenic transportation. The petrochemical and gas production sectors utilise boiler quality plate for an extensive range of applications, each of which demands the highest quality alloys with several key properties.

Wear plates are abrasion resistant plates or liners that are used to reduce wear and tear in surfaces that are exposed to intense rolling abrasion and impact.

These plates are made fit-for-purpose for a number of machines and products across the earth-moving, mining and other industrial industries. They are replaceable items that are easy to install and significantly cheaper than replacing the part or machine they are designed to protect.

Produced out of a duplex material that generally consist of a tough, wear resistant alloy coating and a shock absorbing steel or chromium steel backing plate, these combined properties enable the product to perform under extreme conditions.

Wear plates play a critical role in the protection and longevity of earth-moving, mining and other industrial equipment.

The outcome of using fit-for-purpose wear plates is threefold:

  • Reduced cost of replacement parts
  • Reduced cost of maintenance
  • Reduced downtime.

And not only are costs reduced, but output is increased.

Examples of machines/applications that require wear plates include:

  • Liner plates on mobile machines, including dump truck liners
  • Fixed plant liners, chutes, screens, and deflector plates
  • High speed conveyor chutes, fan blades, and feeder bins
  • Various diameter abrasive media pipes
  • Bucket protection and skid plates.

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