A2 Tool Steel

    Foremost Alloy Steel Co. founded in year 1982, re-established in the year 2016, is the leading A2 Tool Steel Supplier in Mumbai. A2 tool steel is also known as a general purpose self-hardening steel with containing five percent chromium. A2 Steel has large impact and is shock resistant. It has good resistance when soften at moderately high temperatures. This blend of properties makes it reasonable for hot work and cold work applications. It is also an excellent combination of high strength and toughness, mostly useful in moderate hot work as well as cold work tooling. A2 TOOL STEEL is used for cutting tools, rolls, shear blades, cold mandrels, cold stamping tools, moulds for plastics processing, blanking tools, punch dies, trim dies, forming dies, stamping dies etc

    FOREMOST ALLOY STEEL COMPANY offers all kinds of STEELS in A2 TOOL STEELS. The A2 tool steel offered by us is 100% pure. We are renowned for the A2 TOOL STEEL supplier in mumbai. We provide the Test Certificate for A2 TOOL STEELS materials that we deliver.

    The A2 TOOL STEEL are highly appreciated in the market for their properties, for example, exact measurements, erosion obstruction, robust design and flawless finish. We are known to be best quality A2 Tool Steel Supplier in Mumbai. A2 TOOL STEEL is available with us at reasonable prices, these steel power tools are extremely appreciated among our clients.

    The A2 TOOL STEEL is an oil-hardening, non-deforming tool steel which can be hardened at relatively low temperatures.

    We have been supported by a team of hard working and talented professionals as we are known to be best A2 Tool Steel supplier in mumbai. They are hired through rigorous procedures conducted by our professionals of human resource team. Our employees work together with each other in order to ensure interrupt free workplace. They are trained through workshops and seminars at regular intervals of time, in order to increase their skills in the most efficient way.

    A2 Tool Steel pole is a flexible chrome-tungsten shock-resisting tool steel. Its properties give astounding excellent service in both cold and hot work shock applications. Its low carbon content gives durability and its mix of alloying components gives the carbide necessary for abrasion resistance, the harden ability necessary for shock tools, and improved hot work characteristics.

    This A2 Tool Steel can be softened to proper structure for machining by heating slowly to 1450 to 1500°F, holding at temperature for at least one hour per inch of greatest thickness, and cooling slowly to 1000°F, after which it may be air- cooled.

    Thus, we are known to be leading A2 Tool Steel Supplier in Mumbai. Kindly contact Foremost Alloy Steel Co. for your any kind requirement and we shall offer our most reasonable rates for the same. Application: Large Blanking Dies Thread Roller Dies Long Punches Rolls Master Hubs Trimming Dies Forming Dies Precision Tools Gauges Coining Dies Extrusion Dies Mandrels Shear Blades and Slitters.

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